3 Employee Perks To Make Your Brand (& Employees!) Shine

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To have a truly impressive brand, every aspect of your company should be well-thought out and properly managed, inside and out. If you’re looking to build a reputable and lovable business, taking care of your employees is essential. (After all, happy workers are better workers!) Boosting morale with employee perks will send good vibes throughout the ranks, which will then spread to your following and potential customers. Your reputation as a company that takes care of its employees will also help you attract better, more skilled workers.

Here are a few perks and benefits that your company can offer to your employees.

1. Unlimited Vacation

The idea of offering unlimited vacation might seem counterintuitive, but it actually has a lot of benefits! Unlimited vacation time not only boosts company morale and makes a great topic for the marketing and advertising department, but it can also save the company money. With unlimited vacation time, employers don’t need to pay for unused vacation days at the end of the year. And as long as you have a competent and dedicated work force, unlimited vacation will actually help – not hinder – employee performance. Research shows that taking time off makes employees more productive and has an overall positive effect on the workplace.

Happy volunteer looking at donation box on a sunny day

Happy volunteer looking at donation box on a sunny day

2. Volunteer Time

Looking for a perk that will boost your brand’s social responsibility reputation and provide awesome branding opportunities? Look no further! Having a company that dedicates time out of their year to giving back not only makes your brand look good, but it makes your employees feel good. Choose an organization for your company to support or encourage your employees to spend time with a charity of their own choosing. Some companies even go as far as offering a week of paid time off for their employees to dedicate to volunteering.

3. Industry-Based Perks

If you want to attract people who are truly passionate about your company and its message, offer your employees some industry-related perks. For example, Airbnb encourages their employees’ passion for travel by offering travel credit while Burton fosters everyone’s love for snowboarding by providing season lift tickets. Benefits like these can be completely affordable and will attract dedicated and passionate employees to your workforce.

There are plenty of ways to make your brand shine, from witty social media interaction to engaging content and commercials. But a great brand starts from the inside and radiates outward, so don’t forget to take care of the people who take care of your company!