3 Ways to Establish Strong Brand Imagery

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Brand imagery is the perception people have of a brand whenever they see or hear about its work or content.  Matching your image with your target audience allows you to grow and engage with that market.  Who and what do you want to be associated with?  And, more importantly, how are you going to establish that image? Here are three essentials to creating successful, strong brand imagery.

1. Provide Consistency

By providing consistency throughout your brand imagery, you can establish cohesiveness and recognizability.  This allows customers to easily identify and engage with brands across a variety of platforms, whether they’re online or in the real world. This promotes brand awareness, increases familiarity, and builds brand loyalty – all crucial elements of creating a successful brand.


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2. Be Direct

This process begins in the earliest stages of creating your brand and continues throughout. Your brand should have a name that’s honest and clear to potential customers and your logo should reflect your ideals and imagery. Everything that you market to your customers should be direct and simple to understand. Create every visual as if it’s an answer to the question, “Who are you?”

3. Stand Out

Your use of creativity in your brand imagery cannot be an afterthought. Every product you produce to market yourself has to be bold and distinct. We live in a fast-paced world that says “yes” or “no” by being drawn into the content or simply scrolling down to the next image. There’s a reason that, on Instagram, the text is so small – the image should speak for itself. If you want to grab attention, your imagery needs to be disruptive.

By creating brand imagery that’s cohesive, direct, and distinct, your business will thrive and grow in its target market for your potential customers.  It’s easy to just post whatever looks good in the moment, but it takes these extra steps to make it recognizable and prominent in your potential customers’ news feeds.  Make your content have a target audience.  Make your content clear.  Make your content stand out.