5 Quick Tricks to Add to Your Marketing Strategy

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Sometimes finding time to work on our marketing strategy can seem like an impossible task. And while successful marketing does require an investment of time and energy, there are also small, simple tricks that you can do. Here are a few quick techniques that will enhance your marketing strategy without eating up all of the hours in your day.

1. Embed a Link in Your Email Signature

When responding to emails (whether it’s a current client, potential client, friends, etc.), give them easy access to all of your content. This is as easy as creating a custom email signature with all of your business and contact information, including links to your blog or website. It’s best to choose a link to whichever web page people spend the most time on, so be sure to keep an eye on your website’s analytics to better understand where visitors are spending their time.

2. Create Response Templates

Potential customers will often reach out to you through email or online platforms and it’s very important to respond as soon as possible. (Facebook even includes a statistic on company pages indicating how long the business takes to respond to messages.) Create easy, immediate response templates letting customers know you will get back to them shortly or giving them a phone number to contact for more immediate service. This lets the customer know that you value their time and will delay them from pursuing other options while waiting for a response.


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3. Set Up a Blog Writing Schedule

Many entrepreneurs are intimidated by the time commitment blogs involve and end up avoiding writing all together. But fresh content is essential to your site’s search engine optimization (SEO)! Try setting up a schedule throughout the week to write small pieces of your blog. You can write it one day, edit it another, pick out photos the next, and so on. This allows you to attack your weekly blog in small pieces, dividing it into more manageable chunks.

4. Recycle Old Blogs for New Content

Looking for more ways to make blog writing easier to maintain? Try reusing old blogs and freshening them up with new content and updated news. Marketing evolves quickly and there’s always more to say on certain topics. Take some of the points and topics used in previous blogs and recycle the pieces to make something new. Not only will this save you time, but it will keep your content current and fresh and help avoid outdated or unhelpful information.

5. Hire a Marketing or Brand Development Agency

Hiring an outside company to handle your marketing is the same as hiring an accountant to manage your books or a lawyer to write up your contracts. After all, if you want to make sure that something is done properly, you should hire a professional (just like how if you want someone to fix your pipes, you hire a plumber). Don’t rely on your limited experience when it comes to something as important as your marketing strategy. Need more convincing? Check out our blog on 5 reasons you should hire a brand consultant.