5 Ways to Create Customer Loyalty


Every business knows and understands the importance of customer loyalty. Here at Catalyst Collective, we make it our mission to know the depths of you and your business. As a company, you want to attract the right clients, the right way. By creating customer loyalty, you gain a team of people who will speak well on your behalf to potential future clients. It can be easy to overthink and question precisely how to build and maintain customer loyalty, so we are here to help ease your stress by providing five ways to create loyal customers.

Foster Relationships

Take the time to get to know your client and what they’re looking for with your company. Likewise, your client should be able to know all about your company and what it represents. It helps to have an “About Us” page or send out newsletter emails with more information. By establishing a more personal relationship with your client, they will feel valued. According to Accenture, a global professional services company offering solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operations, 33% of customers who abandoned a business relationship last year did so because personalization was lacking.

Develop Customer Loyalty Program

One of the best ways to keep people coming back is to provide extra perks to your most dependable customers. Loyal consumers will get excited for being rewarded for their loyalty, and new customers will want to get there. Whether it’s a discount, pre-order code, or free shipping, your clients will appreciate the thought and gesture. Consumers who feel valued will be more willing to reorder based on their history with the company.

Demonstrate Why You’re the Best

Whatever company you are running, make sure your team is the best at it. Consumers will be looking for any achievements, awards, or statistics on your website or social media profiles related to your company’s performance. Not only do numbers and statistics help back up your claims, but you will benefit from the confidence gained by expressing your customer success. The more confidence you exude to your clients, the more confidence they will have in your services. People don’t like feeling doubtful when selecting a new brand, so it is your responsibility to make them feel secure and safe when they choose you.

Practice Great Customer Service

While it may seem like a given, businesses do best when their customer service is top-notch. According to the technology market research firm Dimensional Research®, 39% of customers will avoid a company for two years after a bad customer service experience. That’s two years that you could have had a reliable consumer. There have been restaurants with sub-par food, but the service was so exceptional that customers kept coming back. Now imagine having a GREAT product paired with GREAT service. People would have no reason to leave.

Encourage Customer Feedback

It all goes back to making the customer feel heard and valued. Encouraging customer feedback can come in many forms. You can address issues that need fixing plus feature testimonials of satisfied customers. People on the lookout for a new product or service will go straight to your reviews. According to Dimensional Research®, 90% of customers are influenced by positive reviews when buying a product. While it is essential to have positive reviews, it is also just as important to embrace and respond to negative customer reviews to demonstrate your authenticity and how you handle inevitable issues.

Customer loyalty doesn’t have to be a complicated task. As with any relationship, it takes time and work. We here at Catalyst Collective want to help you make connections and build loyalty. The dedication you put into perfecting every aspect of your brand will be evident once you start seeing your business grow. Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, and the first to notice will be your clientele. If you follow our tips —plus implement your own— you’ll create customer loyalty for many years to come.