6 Halloween Marketing Ideas for Every Small Business

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Halloween-themed marketing isn’t just for pumpkin patches, candy stores, and costume shops. No matter what industry you’re in, every small business can celebrate this spooky holiday (and make some extra money while they’re at it!). Do the Monster Mash and make the most of everyone’s Halloween spirit! Here are six easy and fun Halloween marketing ideas to generate some local buzz and excitement for your business.

1. Decorate the Store

Spice up the office with a few Jack O’ Lanterns and bat cut-outs or go all out with cobwebs, skeletons, and toy spiders! Remember: you don’t have to break the bank to get your office or store looking Halloween-ready. Visit your local drugstore or supermarket for affordable decorations or look online for cheap, DIY ideas. Looking for an even savvier way to save money? Prepare a year in advance and look for discounted decorations during the first week of November.

2. Host an Event

Generate traffic for your business by hosting a Halloween-themed event to get customers to your store. Keep it simple with a costume party, complete with a costume contest, bobbing for apples, and more. Or you can do something a little different by hosting a unique event! If you’re a hair or nail salon, offer a workshop for people to learn Halloween face paint or nail art. If you’re a mechanic, have people decorate their cars and compete for best decorations. The possibilities are endless!


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3. Create a Halloween-Inspired Product or Service

Infuse some of the spooky holiday into a product or service to get a little boost in your sales. This is easy for bars, restaurants, or bakeries that can whip up some Halloween goodies, but other businesses can get creative with this too! For businesses like hotels, team up with another local business to offer your customers things like discounted ghost tours or free admission to a haunted house.

4. Hand Out Candy (& Coupons!)

Here’s an easy marketing idea that every business can do. Increase foot traffic and launch a small-scale remarketing campaign at the same time by handing out candy to customers and trick-or-treaters. For every person that comes into your office or store, drop a piece of candy and a coupon into their bag. When they reach into their candy bags later, they’ll come up with more than just something sweet – they’ll have a reason to return.

5. Dress Up

Dressing up in costumes is a great way to let your customers know that your business is fun, energetic, and approachable. Go the extra mile by coordinating a themed costume for your whole team to get involved in. And make sure to take plenty of photos to post on social media and give your business a little extra exposure. When potential customers see you having fun, they’ll be more likely to engage with your online content.

6. Offer a Deal or Discount

Nothing gives your customers more incentive to come in quite like a limited time offer! Offer a Halloween special where customers can receive discounted prices or even a free Halloween-inspired gift with purchase. If you really want to hit the Halloween marketing jackpot, offer customers a branded item (like a trick-or-treat bag with your logo on it) for some additional brand awareness.