7 Advantages of Social Media Marketing for Your Business


Social media marketing has grown to be a valuable strategic tool. One that can be cheaper and more effective than print, broadcast, or a variety of other forms of marketing. Social media is an entirely new breed and, when used correctly, can be extremely rewarding. In this fast-paced age of technology, you can’t afford to not be utilizing social media – especially when your competitors certainly are. Here are seven advantages of an effective social media marketing strategy.

1. Affordability

It’s easier than you’d think to kick-start a social media marketing campaign with a few paid ads across platforms and some basic outsourcing. It’s a cheaper solution to brand awareness and a great foundation to generate some word of mouth. No matter how small your marketing budget is, you can customize a social media campaign that works for you.

2. Speed

Social media is by far the fastest way to advertise any type of promotion. It’s quick and available almost anywhere, as long as there’s an internet connection. It offers flexibility and, most importantly, it allows you to optimize as you go. Unlike with print or broadcasting ads, you have the ability to delete, adjust, or rebrand an entire campaign with the click of a button.

3. Bigger Audience

The opportunities with online marketing are unlimited. A good ad campaign or heartfelt post could go viral and spread like wildfire. It’s all about the quality of the posts, not just the quantity. Triggering engagement is key but, once the ball is rolling, there is an endless sea of possible customers out there.


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4. Open Communication

Unlike paper ads, commercials, or other conventional marketing tools, social media opens up a door that no other platform can. It allows customers to interact with the company and other customers in real time. It creates an ongoing relationship between customer and company instead of a one-sided conversation.

5. Equality

Anyone can compete in the social media industry. Whether you’re a multi-million-dollar chain or a local boutique, each platform creates a unique way that allows any size business to easily make their mark on viewers. It also has no barriers to entry. Any business can join at any time, no matter what the status of the business.

6. Measurable Results

Social media marketing is one of the few strategies where it is easy to measure just how much ROI it’s producing. Most social media platforms have some version of analytics that come with a profile to watch and learn what is prospering and what should be revamped. This way, a strategy can be adjusted over time as each profile develops.

7. Real-Time Analytics

Through social media marketing, it’s possible to get the word out immediately. As soon as a post is completed, people are seeing it, liking it, sharing it, or commenting on it. It allows you to see what is effective as soon as a few minutes after a post is sent. This offers an easy quick way to test promotions, new products, sales, and more before spending money on larger promotions.

A brand offers an experience – not just a product or service – and social media helps a business build a relationship and create an image. Social media has become an essential in launching and maintaining a successful marketing plan. But the best part is, it’s easy and affordable to add into every day marketing for any business.