Catalyst Comprehensive


A Comprehensive Workshop For Your Business

The Catalyst Comprehensive will help any organization to determine its shortcomings, strategize its improvement, and ultimately, serve as a launching pad for success.

Your Vision
With Customers
Your Business


Your business is growing and losing its identity
Your team - or even organization - lacks unity
You're preparing for a new product or service launch
You're re-thinking your existing marketing strategies
You're struggling with revenue and aren't sure why


The Catalyst Comprehensive can last anywhere from 1-3 business days, depending on the size, needs, and status of the organization. We'll begin by getting a clear picture of where your business is now, then work to define goals of where you'd like it to be.

Together, we'll identify and eliminate any barriers between you and your customers; we'll develop tangible solutions to clarify your messaging, strengthen your brand, and ultimately, grow your business. You can expect to leave our Workshop feeling energized, empowered, and fully equipped to take your business to the next level.


Engaged customers who are loyal to your brand
Increased sales and revenue
A strengthened and unified team
Clear and defined business-wide goals
Stronger and more effective organizational systems

"Thorough & imaginative agency that truly understood the principles of my business. a very much improved branding which retained our core values was the very welcome result!"

- Gale Sego

Hosted By Our Founder

Thomas MacDonald PCC, CBC

Tom’s passion and expertise for marketing began as a musician. When he wasn’t on the road Tom took various jobs and discovered he had an aptitude for understanding business. He went on to drastically increase productivity for corporations like Walmart and Louisiana Pacific. He is now owner and CEO of his own Consumer Focused Marketing agency based in Southwest Florida. Businesses thrive when his experience and an organic multimedia approach to advertising and marketing are combined. Tom is also a licensed interior designer with decades of experience.

"A more enlightened group of marketing professionals you'll be hard pressed to find! I knew after the first meeting that my brand was in superb hands, and so it proved!."

- Pauletta Meade

Catalyst Comprehensive

Many businesses have a hard time finding the right messaging and communications strategy to connect with the people they are looking to reach. Through our Catalyst System, the Catalyst Collective assists the Vision holders in their businesses to clearly define and craft their internal and external messaging. Catalyzing Growth.

On-Site Evaluation

Get a birds eye view of your entire business.

Business Assessment

We'll identify strengths, gaps, and potential pitfalls.

Create Engagement

Create clear and compelling messages that spread like wildfire.

Grow Your Influence

You don’t have to come off as a pushy salesman to grow your business.

Master Your Messaging

You’ll have a proven filter to clarify all of your marketing material.

What's My Investment?

The Catalyst Comprehensive is a collaborative meeting for you and your team to ultimately clarify how you communicate with your target market. This workshop will lead you through a series of questions, soul searching and brainstorming to discover your core brand messaging.

One Team Member

$4,995 total

    Two Team Members

    $5,995 total

      3 - 8 Team Members

      $6,995 total