Have Fun with It: How to Liven Up Your Marketing Strategy

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How you conduct your marketing strategy directly affects how your customers view your brand. If you view it as a tedious and inconvenient task, those feelings are likely coming across in your brand’s voice. Give your business a more approachable and outgoing vibe by infusing some fun into your marketing strategy! Even in a situation where you may not have the most flexibility, there are still some simple tricks to liven things up

1. Spontaneity is Key

Take a moment to think about the people who you’re attempting to reach with your marketing strategies. They’re most likely responsible for the same tasks day in, day out that tend to become boring and monotonous. Finding ways to spark something unexpected and break up their calendar day could be just enough to grab attention and bring some form of joy to them (leading them to associate your brand with fun, positive feelings).

A great example of this would be something as simple as modifying the delivery of a standard email or notification, perhaps adding an artistic flair or a small tag line to bring in a smile. Remember how popsicle sticks used to have fun jokes written on them? Little spontaneous acts like this can go a long way in creating a fun view for your brand.


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2. Laugh at Yourself

Being able to take your product or service and spin it into a different light can be challenging. Remember that not every person in your target audience will jump with excitement the moment they hear about your product (maybe due to a lack of understanding or even a lack of interest). Taking the opportunity to create humor around what you offer can be helpful for grabbing interest.

Some successful organizations are able to understand how boring or outdated their product or service may seem on the surface and manage to have a sense of humor about themselves in order to draw in a larger audience. Think about Internet Explorer’s “Child of the 90s” ad or when they used the URL www.browseryoulovedtohate.com in their ad campaign.

3. People Sell to People

We often get so caught up in the excitement of our new products or what we can offer to potential clients that we forget that these are people and people aren’t often sold purely based on product offerings or features. Consumers like the feeling of knowing someone truly cares or is providing value to our life.

Having a marketing strategy that connects to your audience on a deeper level can be simple. Think of little things to start off, like sending out emails to congratulate a new success in their life or a nice birthday wish. Remembering to personalize and have fun with your marketing can go a long way in achieving the recognition that you’re looking for.