How to Find the Best Hashtags for Your Business

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You should already know why hashtags are so important to use in your business’s social media. (And, if you don’t, let us remind you.) But if you’re using hashtags without intention, you could be missing out on reaching that person who truly connects with your brand. Not all hashtags are created equal. Follow our three tips for finding and utilizing the best hashtags for your business.

1. Don’t Always Go for the Most Popular Hashtag

Social media is inundated with posts and, when you use the biggest hashtags (meaning that the people using them is in the 500,000 to the millions range), your post can get lost among the many who are also using that hashtag. If your post isn’t targeted enough, any following you gain from it is likely spam and not an engaged follower. Hashtags that are in the thousands up to 500,000 are better to use.


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2. Use Hashtags that Already Work

Who is your audience following? Go to the profiles of businesses that are most similar to yours and check out the hashtags they use. You want to check out the numbers of the people using them and also look at the engagement of those hashtags. Are they used often? Are they used by your target audience? Which posts of your competitors have the most engagement? Use theirs or find suggested hashtags similar to theirs.

3. Create a Tribe-Building Hashtag

One of the ways to add to your brand presence on social media is to create your own hashtag that you use on everything you post across all of your platforms. What this does is create recognition so that the more you post, the more people see it and it begins to catch on. If your audience starts to use the hashtag as a part of being in your tribe, it builds community and more visibility among the very people you want to reach!

Do your research and you will have a handful of hashtags you can use across all of your social media platforms.