How To Make Money On YouTube In 60 Days

Do you feel like you're running in a hamster wheel?


Build and Monetize a Thriving YouTube Business With a Proven Step By Step Process.

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Why YouTube?

YouTube is the best free marketing platform in the world. Not only that, you can use YouTube to find more customers, grow any business, turn videos into income, etc... (the list goes on and on).


Ultimately, there's a few things that separate successful YouTube Channels from the ones that never really get enough traction.


We'll outline all of the most important things you'll need to know in order to start, grow, and monetize your YouTube Channel fast. You'll Learn YouTube Marketing, YouTube Audience Growth, Video Production, Video Editing, and Learn to Turn Videos into Income.

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What Will I Get?

We provide a very clear path. All you need to bring is the ACTION!

60 Day

Action Plan

Step-by-step plan designed to get your YouTube monetized in 60 days or less!


Worksheet & Checklist

Download our worksheets and checklists to keep you on track.



We don't just provide the HOW. We also provide the WHY and disrupt the patterns responsible for why you haven't... until now!

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We Guarantee (if you follow this course) you will be fully Monetized on YouTube 60 days after Launch.


Meet the Expert

Time-tested principles plus super-expert tactics…

Thomas E. MacDonald


Tom’s passion for marketing and consulting ignited during his time as a professional road musician. Between gigs, Tom excelled in various jobs where managers encouraged his natural aptitude for consulting. Eventually in demand, his keen analytical skills combined with recommendations for growth and scalability drastically increased productivity for corporations such as Walmart and Louisiana Pacific.

Thomas MacDonald is an accomplished senior executive and consultant with 25 years of success as a brand marketing and development professional within retail, e-commerce, healthcare, tourism, government, and manufacturing industries. Leveraging an extensive background working with clients to determine strategies to drive brand visibility, recognition, and reputation for startup to multi-national companies. His areas of expertise include brand image, reputation, social media connectivity, sourcing and manufacturing, international partnership establishment, and politics (elections and fundraising).

60-Day Experience

How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel

6-Week Daily Action Plan $6,000 Value

60 days of step-by-step instructions of what actions to take and when!

Printable Checklist $197 Value

Easy-to-print checklist to keep you organized and on task throughout your experience.

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How to grow a profitable YouTube channel around a niche/subject you're interested in - $108,000k per year ($9,000 per month) Value


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