Standing Out From Your Competitors


Did you know that 58% of consumers are not brand loyal? That means that you are constantly in competition for your customers’ attention and dollar. Standing out from the competition is critical to your company’s success. While most people are aware of the concept, many businesses don’t have a proper grasp of it. Most of the time, they fail to put it into practice. If you’re not sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

33% of consumers say they will take their business elsewhere after a single bad experience with a company. That’s a chance that you can’t afford to risk in this market. Remarkable customer service should be at the very core of your business. You should provide your clients with customer service that they won’t find anywhere else. Take that extra step to go far and beyond what other companies are doing. Keep in touch with your clients, offer discounts to returning customers, send personalized emails, and so on.

Narrow Your Niche

When you try to appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one. Targeting too wide of an audience only costs you more money and is not as effective. If your consumers can’t decide if your company is the right fit for them, they won’t feel the need to be loyal to your brand. The more specific you are to your target audience, the better you’ll be able to market and attract a following.

Give Back

Giving to a great cause is an excellent way to make a name for your company while also doing good in the world. If your business is affiliated with a noble cause, people will want to support you — businesses doing good in the world are attractive to people. You can feature your actions in support of the cause on your homepage or social media. Not only will the positivity of your reputation increase, but your customers will also gain a sense of accomplishment by letting others know they choose you.

Build a Strong Online Presence

97% of consumers find local businesses online first. Your homepage or social media profiles may be the first thing they see before they even step foot inside your establishment. What do you want your customers to take away from your online presence? Your chances are higher of standing out and attaining a loyal customer base if your online brand has the following:

  • An easy-to-navigate website
  • A pleasing aesthetic
  • A simple “contact us” method
  • A high response rate to customers’ comments and concerns
  • Photos of the establishment or products

By implementing these online tactics and some of your own, you’ll start to see the impact your online presence has on your company’s overall growth. Online opportunities are growing faster than ever — reap the benefits of taking advantage of them.

Be Authentic

By being authentic and genuine, your business will be standing out. No one has the same personality and voice as you. Consumers are aware of when a business is trying too hard to be perfect versus one that is comfortable “in its own skin.” One business will leave the consumer feeling distant and disconnected from the brand. The other business will leave the client feeling warm, invited, and connected with what you’re selling. What voice and personality do you want your business to exude?

Surprise Them

The best way to make a mark on a client is to surprise them. Whether it’s a personalized message with their purchase, a free goodie, or a birthday email, show your clients that you care about them. Many businesses think their job is over once that “pay now” button has been clicked. Little do they realize that was just the beginning. By putting in some extra effort, you let your consumers feel you care more about THEM than just what’s in their wallets. In return, they’ll see you as more than “just a business.”

Standing out from the crowd is not as complicated as some people make it out to be. Competition is good to motivate yourself and strive to be better. Don’t look at the competition as a guideline, but rather as inspiration. Think about some of your favorite brands and what you love the most about them. How can you implement some of the same strategies into your business? Only 50 percent of businesses make it past the first five years, and one-third make it past the 10-year mark. In which category would you like your company to belong?