Staying Motivated

staying motivated

While some may find staying focused and motivated at work a simple task, others find it very difficult. After being in the same routine for so long, you start to forget why you’re here in the first place. However, effective self-motivation is what will highly distinguish you from everyone else. But how do you do it? We’re here to shed some light on the subject by giving you some tips on how to be more motivated than ever before.

Goals, Not Chores

Setting goals is crucial to any sort of productivity. Instead of “trying your best,” set tangible written-out goals that are very specific and personal. Once you have your goals written down, put them somewhere you can easily see during the day. You could place the list on your desk, tape it to your desktop, or even attach it to your water bottle. You should also stop putting too much weight on each task and worrying about who you’re trying to please. Start focusing on what this goal will satisfy you and how it will benefit you.

Practice the “10-minute” Rule

It can be hard to convince yourself to start working on a mundane, boring task. You start finding other ways to avoid the task and then get anxious about the deadline approaching. One tactic that proves to work for many people is the “10-minute rule.” You essentially tell yourself that you only have to work on this task for 10 minutes. After the 10 minute mark, you can take a break if you want to. Most of the time, you’ll choose to keep going since getting started was the hardest part.

Get To Know Your Colleagues

Did you know that even sitting next to a high-performing employee can increase your output? This is because we are constantly getting invested in what other people are doing and comparing ourselves. One good rule to follow is never passively to watch successful coworkers; there’s too much risk that it will be demotivating. Instead, approach your ambitious coworker and ask them what keeps them motivated and what strategies they have. Aside from gaining insight on improving your work output, regular communication with coworkers also helps you get to know the people you work with eight hours a day, creating personal bonds so that work feels a little less like “work.”

Take Breaks

While it can be tempting to power through everything and mark it as “done for the day,” this doesn’t always yield the best results. Your work will seem rushed, and your boss will know it. Taking breaks is essential to keeping your mind fresh and productive during the day. Leave your desk and go on a walk either outside or to a different part of the office. The goal is to step out of “your bubble” for a moment and refocus your energy. More often than not, you’ll come back feeling energized and refreshed.

Reward Yourself

Don’t forget to celebrate your wins. Whether that’s going on a weekend trip, enjoying a nice dinner, or buying a new outfit, reward yourself for your efforts during the week. However, remember to focus your energy on the task at hand and not on the reward you promised yourself afterward. You don’t want to risk rushing the project and not focusing on the quality of work you’re putting into the assignment. When your reward system is done right, your work life will become much easier to stay motivated.

It can be hard finding the motivation to keep moving forward in pursuit of your goals. Sometimes, all it takes is one step back to see things from an outside perspective. Be easy on yourself, and don’t focus on the things you can’t control. Instead, put all your energy and focus on yourself and what you can control. Make your to-do lists, set measurable goals, and make your work life just social enough that you don’t get off track, but foster interoffice relationships where you feel confident to approach people for questions and advice. Soon enough, your workplace will feel less mundane and more inviting.