Jen Smith

Art Director

Jen is originally from Spokane, WA, or as she affectionately calls it, the “Land of Huckleberry Goodness.” In her adult life, Jen felt called to the salt air of Fort Myers, FL, where she served as graphic designer for Chico’s FAS, Inc.’s Soma Intimates brand. At Soma, she participated in numerous brand and product line designs, including working with Soma’s creative director to develop the Soma Sport logo.

In 2016, Jen began serving as a graphic designer on the creative arts team of Fort Myers-based Next Level Church, where she designed books and merchandise and developed or refreshed several logos for multiple ministries and conferences. During her time at Next Level, she welcomed her first child and began to pursue work-from-home opportunities — it was then that she discovered Momentum Creative.

For two years, Jen worked on a project-by-project basis for Momentum. In October 2020, she accepted the position of Art Director; she now oversees all visual aspects of Catalyst Collective and Momentum Creative’s marketing and advertising initiatives both internally and on behalf of client partners. Watching a brand come to life is one of her greatest joys. When not sketching logos or designing brands, you can find Jen paddle boarding all over SWFL.

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