Marcie Roberts

Content Director & Traffic Coordinator

Marcie grew up in a small town in northern Alabama. Her competitive nature began at a young age through sports and school. She graduated from her high school honors program as 9th in her class and pursued a degree at the University of Alabama in Huntsville with an academic and pole-vault scholarship. During her time at UAH, she completed a marketing/customer service internship, a digital marketing/business analysis internship, set the school record repeatedly in pole-vault, and won a conference championship. When she graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Corporate Marketing concentration, her achievements gave the Catalyst Collective leadership team confidence that she could handle multiple roles and whatever came her way during her full-time career at Catalyst and Momentum Creative.

Marcie has been with Catalyst Collective since 2017, and her experience in marketing and business spans over 60 Catalyst clients, a project management contract with Blue Cross Blue Shield, startup assistance for multiple small businesses, and more. Marcie’s contributions to Catalyst range from her start as an intern to directing the company’s largest department. She has played an essential part in growing Catalyst Collective and Momentum Creative into the companies they are today. Marcie has never shied away from a challenge and is always willing to help move the company forward in any way she can.

As Content Director, Marcie manages the team responsible for crafting a 360-degree brand for every client based on insights from Catalyst’s exclusive brand workshops and the curated content that follows. Marcie and her team produce all written content, social media and SEO strategy and implementation, brand messaging, analytic reporting, market research, and more. As Traffic Coordinator, she is responsible for creating a strategic schedule and enforcing timelines to ensure each department collaborates efficiently and delivers the highest quality content on time.

Marcie says, “Working remotely with a modern, fast-paced company allowed me to learn and move forward as quickly as I was able. I feel that I have crafted a remarkable team of individuals and could not have found a better company to grow with. It really is rare and incredible that I can wake up every single day knowing I LOVE what I do and those I work with. I love seeing my passion for my work translate into the success of my clients.”

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