Thomas MacDonald

Turnaround Consultant, Scalability Architect, Accomplished Senior Executive, Global Entrepreneur, Investor, Philanthropist, Top Tier Life And Business Strategist

Thomas serves as COO and Founder for both Legacy Leadership Institute and the Catalyst Collective. Thomas is an accomplished corporate executive and a 9x founder with more than 30 years of experience leading within consulting, distribution, retail, e-commerce, healthcare, tourism, government, and manufacturing industries. Leveraging an extensive background working with clients to determine strategies to drive brand visibility, recognition, and reputation for startup to multinational companies. Thomas takes a multi-faceted approach to logistics, distribution, process improvements and product development in order to gain and retain consumer support. He understands how to harness the power of people and how to leverage the power of dynamic educational content to catalyze growth.

Thomas MacDonald is an accomplished senior executive with 30 years of success within manufacturing and distribution, developing sustainable products utilizing lean manufacturing for one of the Top 10 building material suppliers in the US. As an independent coach and consultant, Thomas MacDonald, brings a record of developing business infrastructure, distribution logistics, market driven products and properly positioned sales to deliver more than $72B in new revenue.

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