Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Sometimes the phrase "it's tough to see the forest through the trees" holds a lot more truth than we'd like to believe, especially in the world of business. A few missteps, and suddenly, you don't recognize the direction your own company is traveling in! The good news is, you're not alone. The better news is, you've come to the right place!

At Catalyst, we believe that any business - with the right analysis, strategy, and guidance - can turn their disarray into a launching pad for success. Whether you're an experienced business who needs a little redirection, or a new organization looking to build a solid foundation, Corporate Training Workshops can be used as a catalyst to improved sales and impressive ROI.

Our team of experienced consultants will work with you to determine both existing and potential organizational challenges, then create a comprehensive strategy that establishes new goals and delivers impressive returns.


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Culture Camp

A 3-day journey into the heart of your organizational culture. Attendees learn the benefits of building a strong company culture, aligning with organizational vision, and having fun while remaining functional!

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Specialized Training Events

Available for up to 500 people, our specialized trainings are reserved for larger gatherings and conferences. Invite us to host at your next sponsored event, or join us for a workshop of our own!

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Custom Events

Want Catalyst to build an event tailored to your organization? No problem! Simply tell us what you'd like to focus on, and we'll craft an event just for you!

Speaker Panel

Headshot of Thomas MacDonald

Thomas MacDonald PCC, CBC

Tom’s passion and expertise for marketing began as a musician. When he wasn’t on the…

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Headshot of Almonte

Melina Almonte

An Oklahoma native, Melina graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in English…

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Darren Simpson CBC

Darren is thrilled to bring his business knowledge, passion for fitness, and unparalleled customer service…

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Headshot of Arianne Hutcherson

Arianne Hutcherson

As a young adult, when asked about her dream job, Arianne had a hard time…

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Headshot of Will Hutcherson

Will Hutcherson CSC

Will Hutcherson is a highly sought out communicator, consultant, and team developer. He speaks to…

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Culture Camp

Join us for the 3-Day Culture Camp where we’ll take an in-depth look at what it means to build a solid business culture. Here, we’ll discuss everything from color choices to change communications, and how each piece of an organizational atmosphere is created and maintained. Whether you’re thinking about company culture for the first time, or are an experienced business ready for a refresh, Culture Camp will revive, re-energize, and refocus your culture to reduce turnover, and boost morale.

Awesomeness Academy

The Awesomeness Academy was designed especially for customer service managers, supervisors, and leaders as a springboard to enhancing their company’s customer service and improving company culture. Join Catalyst experts for a full-day workshop that shares the lessons we’ve learned throughout our history, and how establishing core values can help companies meet their goals. With over 50+ years of combined experience, the Catalyst team is ready to take your customer service from adequate to awesome!

Tribe Training

Your organizational culture should be fought for by all employees, but your HR department leads the charge. Join us for Tribe Training to learn how to infuse company culture into your HR processes and functions. Learn to recruit for culture fit, increase employee engagement, build managerial relationships, craft a benefits package to fit employee needs, and foster cohesiveness between your Human Resources team and… well, your humans! Tribe Training is sure to strengthen workplace relationships, eliminate organizational barriers, and empower all teams to work together as one.

Corporate Catalyst Workshops assist with:

Casting Organizational Vision
Developing and Fostering Culture
Providing Impressive Customer Service
Streamlining Hiring Processes
Building Team Cohesion
Setting and Surpassing Goals