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“The Collective has the E-Commerce game on lock. In less than 3 years we went from having no online presence to doing more than $18M. ”
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“The Collective is truly a unicorn... We’ve collaborated with them - to great effect - with AvNet, Microsoft, Dell, P&G and many other household brands. It’s one thing to make brilliant creative - but it’s 100x better when there’s proof in the digital puddin’’”
"I worked with the Collective back in the 90s with our Computer Club, and then 25 years later he created the vision for Woz U, the website, branding and messaging. I am so pleased to work with a dedicated creative professional.”
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Industry Case Studies

Home Maintenance Industry | Innovative Startup Sells for Profit within 2 Years

In 2012, a former General Electric employee developed an innovative, efficient way to clean and seal roofs. His mission was to become the premier Southwest Florida exterior cleaning company. He approached our team for comprehensive Catalyst Collective eVALUE8™ consulting.

Once he claimed his eight eVALUE8™ power tools, he was ready to gain momentum. Catalyst’s sister company, Momentum Creative, developed targeted customer appeals and cohesive messaging across multiple channels including printed sales material, paid advertising content, a vastly-improved website, plus campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, AdRoll, and more.

With his new amped-up market presence, in just under two years the owner experienced his dream come true: another entrepreneur-minded investor made him a company purchase offer he simply couldn’t refuse. He was able to exit the business with a well-funded bank account allowing him the opportunity to fulfill his passion for overseas missionary work with his wife. Today, this innovative, kind spirit enjoys a life of serving others without a financial care in the world.

Financial Industry | From a Dated Identity to a Robust Online Presence

A national trade association comprised of trust companies, banks, and third-party administrators that administer self-directed retirement plans approached Catalyst Collective about their very dated and “tired” identity.

With the goals of becoming more accessible to investors, being recognized as a financial industry leader for free educational resources, and housing a reputable directory of SDIRA custodians, the Catalyst team set to work with comprehensive Catalyst Collective eVALUE8™ consulting.

The results? Refreshed branding and improved external messaging completely resurrected the organization’s social media engagement, website, and more. Within just eight months, more than 10,000 people per month visited and engaged with their new website as a useful resource for retirement investment planning. They are now considered an industry leader. Mission accomplished.

Veterinary Industry | From Side-hustle to Full-time Career

An animal-loving licensed prosthetist and orthotist applied his knowledge and innovation to make a prosthesis for a Great Dane puppy and was inspired to start creating prosthetics for dogs as a side job.

He contacted Catalyst Collective about taking his venture full-time so he could leave his day job. A true start-up, he had no brand established - no logo, no website, no online presence of any kind. Through the comprehensive Catalyst Collective eVALUE8™ consulting process, Peter was able to develop his core messaging and receive invaluable tools for growth.

In just one year, Peter grew his venture into a full-time business creating prosthetics for pets of all shapes and sizes. He has now joined forces with another industry leader and continues to engineer among the most advanced solutions available in the animal orthotic and prosthetic industry.

Legal Industry | More than 4x Increased Revenue

An attorney wanted assistance growing his practice.

Catalyst Collective guided him to a coach who helped him develop a better pricing structure which led to more sustained income and ensured that appropriate margins were fulfilled.

The attorney then assembled an internal support team; once implemented, this strategy both increased profits and reduced overhead almost immediately.

Less than three years later, his revenue increased by over 400%.

Food Service Industry | More than 222% ROI

Ready to share her collection of salad dressings with the world, but unsure of where to begin, a professional chef approached Catalyst seeking a marketing plan.

Developing a cutting edge social media sales strategy, Catalyst helped put this chef and her collection of dressings on the map.

Receiving a marketing ROI of over 222%, this chef’s career has grown exponentially, and has been a featured judge in several national culinary competitions.

Ecom Industry | From $0 TO $2M/Month

Prior to teaming up with Catalyst, the owner of a dealership was working 70+ hours a week to grow his business.

From the insights provided by Catalyst Collective, the client began to make necessary staffing changes; he also added two additional income streams and developed an e-commerce platform to sell items online.

Today, his organization does over $2 Million a month through dropship online part sales alone - and this segment of the business is almost completely automated.

Online Media Industry | Local News Outlet Rises from Notion to Notoriety

A team of grassroots thought leaders in Southwest Florida developed an organization of advocates and guides fighting for a high quality of life and an attainable, sustainable future for their fellow area residents. Their plan was to be realized through solution-based content, community activation, and supporting reliable political candidates. But they weren’t sure how to gain traction.

Our team of creative problem solvers and creatives collaborated with this group of advocates by implementing our comprehensive Catalyst Collective eVALUE8™ consulting process. We began working with the founder of the organization before it existed. They had a great idea, but no logo, website, messaging, branding, or marketing materials. They had no online, social media or local community presence. Starting with a “blank slate,” we crafted compelling messaging that catered to their target audience, reflected their values, and appealed to potential investors.

Once composed in an easily-digestible story, we presented their organization’s message in an excellent website, developed an online platform for their local news content, and reached their target audience across social media channels with high quality, engaging content. Within three months, this partner saw a significant increase in website visitors, new users, sessions, page views, and pages per session.

Retail Food Industry | Startup Chocolatier’s Sweet Story Gains 110% Visibility in 4 Weeks

After selling their shoe store in Brussels, an enterprising couple from Belgium moved to the United States to open an authentic Belgian chocolate café in Estero, Florida. Their goal was to base their entire café concept on “what makes Belgian chocolate so special.” Although committed to their vision, they quickly discovered that communicating their concept would require a level of creative expertise they did not possess.

Reaching out to the Catalyst Collective team put their minds at ease. Together with Catalyst consultants and a marketing content/design team from Momentum Creative (our sister company), we developed a compelling brand story to build their unique brand on “from scratch.” In concert, we delivered a clean, elegant logo and developed top-notch store signage, menus, and packaging that conveyed the chocolatier’s deluxe brand image.

Additionally, this partner received an elegant new website plus professional-grade business profiles on platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Business, Yelp, Yellow Pages, and more. Within only a few weeks after launch, this startup watched their visibility grow from zero to over 110% online! Catalyst Collective made certain that chocolate connoisseurs all over SWFL couldn’t wait to get their hands on some deluxe Belgian chocolate.

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