Web Security: Is Your Website a Potential Threat to Your Business?


Your website is one of the biggest ambassadors of your brand and often the first contact customers make with your business. If it’s vulnerable to potential threats, then new and current business relationships (as well as your reputation) can be compromised. A 2015 study by WhiteHat Security revealed that 86% of websites have at least one serious vulnerability, with 56% having more than one. These numbers are more concerning than ever, with Google reporting a 180% increase in hacked sites last year. It is essential that your business takes all the necessary precautions to ensure that your website is safe and secure.

Why Should Website Security be a Priority for Your Business?

  1. Everyone, including small businesses, is vulnerable to attack. There is often a misconception that small businesses are “too small” to be noticed by hackers. However, most hackers are not targeting specific businesses or sites. Hackers utilize automated tools to find vulnerable websites, meaning anyone and everyone is at risk. In most cases, small businesses are actually even more vulnerable than larger companies because they’re less likely to set aside the time and resources necessary for basic web security.
  2. An unsecure website doesn’t just affect you – it puts your customers and other businesses at risk as well. Think of malware and other viruses like you would any other contagious disease. Once you’re infected, it doesn’t just stop there. These viruses will continue to spread beyond your page and onto your customers who will, in turn, spread it to other people, other websites, and other businesses. Don’t let your business get caught up in the escalation of online attacks.
  3. Compromised data can have costly consequences. Attacks to your website often involve stealing private customer information, such as names, email addresses, and credit card or other transaction information. In most states, there are strict data breach laws in place that can result in fines, penalties, and other costs that small businesses can’t afford to pay. That means that only one security breach can have crippling or even lethal effects on your business.
  4. Security breaches damage customer trust and loyalty. Even if an attack doesn’t trigger a data breach or if your business can somehow cover the fines or penalties, security breaches can cause irreparable damage to consumer relationships. Once your reputation is compromised, it can be impossible to earn back the trust of your audience, even if you do begin to take safety precautions. Web security is not something that can wait – it requires swift and immediate attention.

Website Security

What Can You Do to Protect Your Website and Business?

For a fully safe and secure website, security needs to be prioritized throughout the entire process, from start to finish and beyond. Think of building a website the same way you would build a house, where every aspect must be solid in order for it to last. The company that you choose to host your website is a major factor in web security. Just like a house needs a strong foundation, websites need a trustworthy and competent hosting provider. After the website is built, it still requires a security system and regular maintenance. Businesses should have a security plan that they and their employees adhere to. Passwords and website access should be carefully managed and any computers or mobile devices associated with the site should be frequently scanned for malware and other viruses. If you’ve already built your website, it’s not too late. Have a web security expert start fixing and fortifying your site today.

Website surveillance is a round-the-clock job. For optimized security and peace of mind, the best course of action that any business can take is to hire a professional to monitor and maintain your website for you. An individual or team of web specialists will have the knowledge and experience of how your website, server, and hosting operates in order to best serve your website’s unique needs. A web developer and security expert will be able to monitor your site for any security breaches and quickly and efficiently identify and resolve vulnerabilities. They will also handle core updates, plugins, and any other third party integrations running on your site.

Do You Need Help with Your Web Security?

Evolution Brands boasts a team of vigilant and experienced web developers with a wealth of knowledge on web security and attack prevention. For more information on how we can protect your business from potential threats, call us at 239.789.1992 or email info@evobr.com.

Be proactive when it comes to protecting your business and customers. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until it’s too late, resulting in downtime, reputation damage, and expensive clean up and repairs.