3 Online Features to Attract Consumers and Grow Sales

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We live in a time where consumers are engaging with technology faster than it can advance and a lot of small businesses are lagging behind. Keep up by using tools that make it easier for your customers to buy your products or services! Here are three online features you should incorporate into your strategy.

1. Scheduling tools built into your website or social media profile.

A lot can happen in the time between a customer finding your business and calling to book an appointment. Scheduling tools like Setmore and Appointy allow customers to sign up for appointments directly on your Facebook and website. This allows more customers to set up their own appointments and rearrange appointments when necessary. Many businesses have already seen success from scheduling-based platforms, like the hospitality and air travel industry. Customers can easily see available times and book in minutes. Convenience is key, so the less steps and interaction a customer has to deal with, the more likely they are to buy or make an appointment.

2. Give customers the ability to buy while watching a video.

Video has the largest conversion of any type of content right now. You can increase conversions by giving customers options to buy as they are watching your video using tools from Total-Apps and VideoCheckout. Total-Apps has also developed lead generation videos that allow the viewer to sign up or buy your product as they are watching, which will lead to return customers! This is the ultimate form of convenience and engagement for buyers because, as they are watching and becoming interested in the product, they can immediately buy without ever having to leave the video. All they have to do is click the “Buy” button.


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3. Linking your e-commerce store directly to your social accounts.

Companies like Shopify do more than create online stores. They are one of the leading e-commerce stores to sell your products directly on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Now customers can purchase your product without ever having to leave Facebook and can buy with just one click. These types of sites are also great because you only have to upload your inventory one time and then just add new products as they come. When you link it to your Amazon and Ebay accounts, along with your social media store, it will update across all platforms, making things easier for both you and your customers.

There are plenty of great resources out there that businesses like yours could be taking advantage of to attract more customers and easily increase sales. Get on the same level as your customers by utilizing useful and convenient tools like Shopify stores on social media and Total-Apps video checkout that will allow them to buy immediately.