6 Holiday Marketing Strategies to Try Out This Season

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The holiday season is here and it’s the busiest time of the year for shopping. That means it’s time to either jump on the holiday marketing bandwagon – or let your business get left behind in the dust. There are many great opportunities that you can take advantage of during the happiest time of the year. Here are six strategies to get your business to the top of everyone’s Christmas list.

1. Incorporate Holiday Cheer Into Branding Design

One of the easiest ways to bring holiday cheer to your business is to intertwine it with some simple seasonal branding. Adjust your business’s social media pictures, printed advertisements, or product packaging to include some festive flair. Whether it’s a new cover photo for Facebook, some Christmas catalogues, or a holiday-themed product (think Starbuck’s cups), it’s easy to find a simple way to celebrate with your customers.

2. Create an Inviting Holiday Environment

Bright lights and shiny tinsel really do catch the customer’s eye. Use this beautiful season to represent your company with decorations unique to your brand and voice. For example, an outdoor equipment store may use a woodsy, red flannel classic Christmas theme, while a jewelry store would go for the silver and gold side of the holidays. Be creative and cater to your audience!

3. Run Limited Time Holiday Offers & Specials

Give people a reason to check out your products with attractive offers and discounts. Try “limited time only” specials and early bird or late night deals. This creates a sense of urgency and encourages early, immediate purchases. A holiday newsletter or social media campaign is a great way to get started and get the word out, but don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth!


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4. Reward Loyal Returning Customers

Gaining new customers is always important, but it’s important to show your returning customers some love and keep them from exploring other options. Try giving away something on social media, like offering a special coupon for loyal customers, or announce sales or offers for social media followers only. You could also offer a free gift after a certain amount spent! Make shopping with your business stand out over others.

5. Get Involved with a Holiday Charity

This season is the perfect time to boost your social responsibility and build your reputation. It is the time of giving, so showing everyone that the true reason for the season is still a top concern can help brand image immensely. This season is a great opportunity to give back to the community that has made you successful.

6. Have a Holiday-Themed Contest

This can be an online or in-store campaign. This will get people involved, into the store, or onto the website and get them into the Christmas spirit. An online contest can help encourage engagement on social media and is sure to attract new customers at the same time. If the contest is run on social, be sure to require entries to follow, like, and share.

The holidays can be such a beautiful time of year, so why not celebrate? Try these six ways to bring joy into the workplace and spread it to every customer that visits. The next few months are powerhouses for business, from Christmas to New Years to Valentine’s Day. Take advantage of these exciting holidays by starting now!