Brand Update: 3 Signs Your Business Needs One

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As a business owner, there are always a million and one things to do and monitor. And when all of your brainpower is being spent on the day-to-day workings, sometimes seemingly less important matters can slip through the cracks. Unfortunately, these “small” details can make a big difference when it comes to the visibility, reputation, and success of your company. Don’t let your branding needs get pushed to the back of the line. Here are three signs that your company could use a brand update.

1. Your Logo Gives Away What Era Your Company Started

Does your logo remind people of the original Miami Vice? You may want to think about giving your outdated logo a much-needed refresher. A logo is often a potential customer’s first impression of your company and it’s important to make sure it’s sending the right message. It’s understandable to be hesitant to part with your logo completely (it is a defining feature of your business), but even a slight tune-up can make a world of difference. Graphic technology has improved by leaps and bounds in the last decade and it would be downright negligent not to take advantage of those advances. Simply updating the colors, shading, or texturing of an old logo can give your company a modern edge while still keeping your ties to the past.


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2. Your Social Media Presence is Nonexistent or Severely Lacking

It’s 2017. If your business hasn’t established an online presence for themselves, then you’re already lightyears behind your competitors. Social media is a powerful tool to connect with customers and help build a loyal following. Having active social media accounts gives your company personality and a chance to interact with customers on a personal level that you can’t achieve with your website. It’s also a convenient and efficient way to keep customers in the loop on specials, sales, and promotions that they might have missed otherwise. Most people don’t check websites they like on a daily basis, but there’s a good chance they’re scrolling through their newsfeeds at least one a day, if not more!

3. A Customer Created Your Business Listings Online

Search engine sites like Google and Bing are an essential resource for helping customers find your business. Just think of all the times you’ve searched for “restaurants near me” or “local gyms.” A business listing on a search engine or review sites like Yelp provides potential customers with your location, operating hours, a description of what you do, and information on your services. If you don’t claim and manage these listings yourself (or have an agency do it for you), then you risk having misinformation posted. If customers can’t find detailed and accurate information on your business, they might just take their business elsewhere. A simple online search can take someone from having never heard of your company to being a repeat customer. Don’t leave it to chance.

Don’t let the daily shuffle make you overlook important things like managing your social media or responding to online reviews. If your brand could use a makeover, then don’t put it off. Call Evolution Brands today at (239) 307-6087 and we’ll help you get things running smoothly.