The Importance of Team Alignment

team alignment

When you picture a powerful team, what do you see? In most cases, people will answer with “amazing sales,” “great reviews,” and a “smooth operating system.” But let’s take it one step further and think about what it takes to get those results. It doesn’t just naturally happen on its own or from pure luck.…

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4 Reasons You Need Brand Guidelines

brand guidelines

The best businesses follow a brand guide. Whether it’s been consciously constructed or morphed over time, the brand guide is the company’s “bible” — the guidepost for all internal and external communication efforts. Everything within the brand guidelines will serve to dictate your marketing strategies effectively. At Catalyst, we understand the importance of brand guidelines…

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Staying Motivated

staying motivated

While some may find staying focused and motivated at work a simple task, others find it very difficult. After being in the same routine for so long, you start to forget why you’re here in the first place. However, effective self-motivation is what will highly distinguish you from everyone else. But how do you do…

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